Friday, August 2, 2013

Making Math Awesome August open house

I love math, and my goal is that all home school families in Orange County would have as much fun with math as we do at our house! Therefore, I will be holding an open house in August to help you make math awesome at your house, too.

Sunday August 11, 4:00-8:00 pm
21151 Pennington Lane
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

OPEN HOUSE FORMAT - you can drop in any time to peruse my library of math resources and ask me your questions. I have copies of nearly all the resources I recommend from pre-school to high school. Feel free to bring any books/curriculum you'd like to ask about.

KIDS WELCOME! I have a small playground in the backyard they can enjoy while you browse & chat.

SPOUSES WELCOME - my hubby will be here, too (and since you're bringing the kids, you can both come!)

NO FEE nor RSVP - Just show up! If you can contribute some cookies or finger food to our refreshment table, that would be great but not necessary.

DISCOUNTED RESOURCES - All resources are available for your review in person before ordering. Bring your checkbook if you'd like to make a purchase. Note I am passing along these savings as a service to the OC home school community - I am not a reseller and do not generate any profit on book sales.

Contact me with questions: or 949-391-MATH

August discount on home school curriculum consultation

Many home school families I work with are unsure what curriculum or materials they should use with their students when teaching math at home. There are so many possibilities - Rainbow Resource's mathematics section contains 4100 products!

I work with families who are new to home-schooling, those who have students struggling with math, and those who are just looking to make math more awesome. I can assess your student's current skill level and make recommendations on goals to set for the coming year. I can also help you determine what type of learner your math student is and help you select appropriate curriculum and supplemental resources for their learning style.

For students enrolled in any of my fall home school math classes, I am providing a complimentary one-hour consultation in the month of August. For any students not enrolled in my classes, I am offering this service at a very reduced rate of only $30/hour in the month of August.

Appointments fill quickly. Please let me know ASAP if your family would benefit from my help and I will be glad to set up a time to meet with you.

Don't miss my Making Math Awesome August open house, where you can browse through my favorite resources and ask me your math questions!

Contact me at: or 949-391-MATH

Online math resources recommended by Amy

From my Making Math Awesome seminar.

Learning Styles - It's critical to understand your student's learning style (and your own teaching style) before planning your curriculum.  Free  Free
Especially useful are the “Questionaire” and “Descriptions of styles”

Khan Academy - This is a great resource for math practice where students can earn badges as they make progress. There are videos for each math topic with sample problems worked out. Parents & teachers/tutors can set student goals and track their progress, and it's all FREE.

K5 Learning (Math, Reading, Spelling) - This highly engaging program has a very well-designed interface and alignment to content standards. This is probably the online system for lower elementary I like best in terms of presentation and content. Pricing is as of date of this post.
1st Child: $25 / mo or $199 / yr.  Additional students: $15 / mo or $129 / yr

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome to Making Math Awesome

As a home school math teacher, I get asked some of the same questions by many parents. I've decided to collect my responses to the most frequently asked questions here, as well as my thoughts on how best to teach math to your kids. Feel free to leave any questions you have for me in the comments; I will do my best to get you answers ASAP!